The Sole Duty of Prophets Is to Proclaim the Divine Message

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In my past articles, prophets that show up in the Qur’an were recorded. It ought to have drawn your consideration. Practically the majority of Allah’s prophets that are chosen to tell the heavenly leniency are guys. For reasons unknown, ladies are not allocated as prophets. This circumstance is expressed in the refrain from Quran as:

“Furthermore, before thee We sent none however men, to whom We allowed motivation:” [Nahl, 43]

In any case, since forever, some female figures show up, for example, Rabia al-Adawiyya who was profoundly and ethically unrivaled. She was a principled woman who was brought up in Basra.

# Door to Grace is constantly open

At some point, Rabia al-Adawiyya advises to an imploring individual who requests that Allah open the ways to beauty and benevolence: “Gracious oblivious, for what reason do you request that Allah open the ways to kindness? They are as of now wide open. In any case, only one out of every odd heart is available to enter there. Petition God for your heart to be open for it” Reading Request a prophetic word

Dear perusers; honestly, the entryway to effortlessness and kindness of Allah (s.w.t) are constantly open. However, just the individuals who are foreordained are allowed to this.

Numerous individuals are keen on perusing the newspaper news and tattle points of magazines consistently, however they never care to peruse even two stanzas from the Qur’an in which the expression of Allah is lectured. Numerous individuals are not inquisitive about the expression of Allah who made us; who furnishes us with the air we inhale; who gives us our day by day bread and awards us our welfare and prosperity with a huge number of physiological occasions that jump out at our body. Numerous individuals as a rule skip TV diverts in which a religious discussion is going on, and rather like to watch amusement appears in another channel that goes on for a considerable length of time and hours.

# What aides us towards celestial leniency

Dear perusers; “confidence” is the thing that aides us towards our Rab and towards His celestial leniency. On the off chance that you are perusing these lines at the present time, be guaranteed that you are dedicated. The individuals who don’t have confidence in them turn their face and leave the spot immediately once Allah (s.w.t) is being referenced as though a common ware was being referred to. It is requested in the refrain of Qur’an that:

“Devotees are the individuals who, when Allah is referenced, feel a tremor in their souls,” [Anfal, 2]

No one, including our Prophets, can enable the individuals who to need confidence as can be reviewed in the instances of Noah (a.s.) to his child, David (a.s.) to his significant other, Rasulullah (s.a.w.) to a portion of his uncles. Subsequently, Allah (s.w.t) requested to our Prophet who applied each exertion for the salvation of the individuals around him:

“On the off chance that thou craftsmanship on edge for their direction, yet Allah guideth not, for example, He leaves to stray, and there is none to support them.” [Nahl, 37]

“It is genuine thou shrivel not have the option to direct every one whom thou lovest; however Allah manages those whom He will and He knows best the individuals who get direction.” [Qasas, 56]

# Salvation is from Allah

Dear perusers; salvation originates from Allah. It’s not possible for anyone to help the individuals who are not conceded salvation by Allah. The obligation of our prophets are not to concede salvation to individuals, yet to inform them regarding Allah (s.w.t) and spread them His statement by letting know about the perfect beauty; so, to advise Islam. It is requested in the stanzas from the Qur’an that:

“O Messenger! broadcast the (message) which hath been sent to thee from thy Lord. On the off chance that thou didst not, thou wouldst not have satisfied and broadcasted His central goal.” [Maida, 67]

“Be that as it may, on the off chance that they dismiss, thy obligation is just to lecture the Clear Message.” [Nahl, 82]

“Thy obligation is to make (the Message) contact them: it is Our part to demand an explanation from them.” [Rad, 40]

# Prophets don’t know about Al-Ghaib (The Unknown)

Dear perusers,

The expression “Prophet” alludes to “Paigambar” in English. This term likewise has the importance of “seer”. As I have noted before, prophets of Allah brought into the world with remarkable characteristics; however they are not soothsayers as Englishman respect. They are the Man of Haq (Truth). Whatever Allah (s.w.t) uncovers to them from the Truth, they know it and they disclose it to individuals. It is requested in the refrains from the Qur’an that:

“State: I let you know not that with me are the Treasures of Allah, nor do I realize what is covered up, nor do I disclose to you I am a holy messenger. I yet pursue what is uncovered to me.” [An’am, 50]

“They state: Why is definitely not a sign sent down to him from his Lord? State: The Unseen is just for Allah (to know), at that point hold up ye: I also will hold up with you.” [Yunus, 20]

“State: None in the sky or on earth, with the exception of Allah, realizes what is covered up:” [Naml, 65]

Dear perusers; Al-Ghaib alludes to the information about the otherworldly association of Allah or about the over a significant time span that humanity can’t reach to just as to noticeable and undetectable domains that Allah (s.w.t) has made. This information can nor be learned through perception and experimentation nor can be determined through quantitative information. Learning about the imperceptible and unmistakable domains is just constrained to what Allah (s.w.t) awards us.

# Man can just know to the degree Allah grants us to learn

It is requested in the section from the Qur’an that:

“He knoweth what (appeareth to His animals as) in the past or after or behind them. Nor will they compass nothing of His insight aside from as He willeth.” [Bakara, 255].

Much the same as other man, our prophets don’t know more than Allah (s.w.t) enables us to capture. It is requested in the sections from the Qur’an that:

“State: I have no control over any great or mischief to myself with the exception of as Allah willeth. On the off chance that I knew about the concealed, I ought to have increased all great, and no abhorrence ought to have contacted me: ” [Araf, 188]

“Nor will He reveal to you the mysteries of the Unseen. Be that as it may, He picks of His Messengers (for the reason) whom He satisfies. ” [Al-I Imran, 179]

“Only he) knows the Unseen, nor does He make any one familiar with His Secrets. But a dispatcher whom He has picked:” [Jinn, 26-27]

It is requested in the Hadith that:

“None has the learning of the inconspicuous however Allah” [Tabarani].

# None has the learning of the inconspicuous however Allah

Again in another hadith described by Khalid al-Madani Abu Husain (r.a) it is transmitted that the girl of Muauwidh, ar-Rubai has guaranteed:

“Rasulullah (s.a.w.) was with me on the early in the day of my big day. Meanwhile, a few young ladies were beating the tambourine and reviewing the recollections of their dads who were martyred in the Battle of Badr. One of them stated: “There is a Prophet among us who realizes what will happen tomorrow”. After that Rasulullah (s.a.w.) requested: “Don’t say as much. Since no one recognizes what will happen tomorrow aside from Allah”. [Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah]

Dear perusers; it is comprehended that no one can know “the Unseen” aside from Allah who has a definitive and vast learning about everything, including the prophets. Be that as it may, Allah (s.w.t) has illuminated His chosen couriers through disclosures. The awesome disclosure is just a little drop that is conceded for us from the obscure, from the Creator’s ocean of interminable information. Human information is restricted, however Almighty Allah continues stretching out the breaking points of learning to the caliphs He designated. The creating man, with the desire of Allah, makes sense of numerous dim and confounded inquiries throughout everyday life. With the improvement of data advances, the degree of human learning pushes the points of confinement of libraries. Yet at the same time, this information is not even close to this ocean of vast learning that Allah holds.

# Miracles of Prophets are real

Dear perusers,

We live in a material world. Our sense organs have the component to work in like manner in this material world. Be that as it may, crediting implications to these apparent faculties is absolutely another issue. Furthermore, everyone sees these faculties as per their very own otherworldly qualities, for example, individual history, aggregation of learning, level of knowledge, assessment of the world and perspective and so forth. An insatiable man sees everything in connection with material riches and cash. A dervish like Yunus Amra sees everything by glancing through importance… Undoubtedly, recognition and their implications are shaped through these methodologies.

Human is in a material world. Developing recognition through the sense organs depend on the material systems, however they become thoughts and feelings of that individual by being prepared in his mind. These connotation and understandings are shaped the embodiment of human’s otherworldly life. Our hearts are an entry amidst material and significance, where these otherworldly qualities are improved with religious information.

The material world is a domain wherein everything happens with specific reasons, where unmistakable articles, circumstances and occasions happen under the specific guidelines. Hence, everyone who lives in this world, regardless of whether it be researchers or uninformed, are molded to discover an explanation for everything. Since individuals witness all the time that any event develops because of specific causes. Any event that happens against the guidelines of the material world is phenomenal. These exceptional events consistently interests individuals. This is the purpose for why numerous individuals follow crystal gazers and magicians that guarantee to uncover the obscure.

# Prophets are confused with soothsayers and alchemists

Ever, individuals have mixed up prophets (who were the individuals of truth and were calling individuals to truth, equity, genuineness and ethical quality) to crystal gazers and alchemists as these prophets were giving news from the future with the authorization of Allah and more often than not they have requested remarkable things so as to have confidence in prophets.

“They stated: Thou workmanship just one of those charmed! Thou craftsmanship close to a human like us: at that point present to us a Sign, if thou tellest reality!” [Shuara, 153-154]

“State those without learning: “Why speaketh not Allah unto us? or on the other hand why cometh not unto us a Sign?” So said the individuals before them expressions of comparative import.” [Baqara, 118]

Dear perusers; Allah (s.w.t) has, more often than not, bolstered his prophets with uncommon supernatural occurrences, however the unfaithful stil

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